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Karen H. Charrington

Former Prosecutor and Trial Attorney Working With Clients Near Queens, NY

Karen Charrington is a highly-skilled trial attorney. She is a former prosecutor who was trained in the Bronx County District Attorney’s office, which has one of the highest volumes of cases in New York City.

Ms. Charrington began her career as a Criminal Court Line Assistant, and rose to the ranks of a Major Case Assistant handling the most serious criminal cases in the office. As an Assistant District Attorney, she was able to sharpen her skills as a no-nonsense litigator and trial attorney.

After leaving the District Attorney's Office in 2004, Ms. Charrington was hired to head the Civil Litigation department at a boutique law firm in Westchester County, The Bozeman Law Firm, LLP. This department was comprised of Matrimonial, Personal Injury, Contract disputes and a wide range of other matters that were on a trial track. She navigated her way through the New York Court system, dissected the cases and ultimately settled or tried all of the firm’s pending civil cases. While at the firm, Ms. Charrington was also able to begin to master the intricacies in Matrimonial and Family law matters. During this time, Ms. Charrington also began to master Federal criminal and civil cases. She was also trained by the Federal CJA Mentorship program where she learned the nuances of Federal criminal practice. She also handles Federal Criminal matters and investigations.

In 2005 Ms. Charrington founded a law firm that would provide quality legal services. Ms. Charrington parlayed her legal experience to develop a Law Firm able to provide tactical and effective representation of her clients in Criminal, Civil Litigation and Matrimonial cases.

Clients, as well as her colleagues, have come to rely upon Ms. Charrington’s wisdom and expertise. Her broad and vast amount of experience in the private and public sectors enable her to provide wise and advantageous strategies in order to obtain the most favorable results for her clients, in all areas of the law. She also represents small businesses, corporate entities and religious corporations as part of her Civil Litigation practice.

And in 2010, during the height of the New York City Department of Education’s crisis to remove New York City Teachers from the notorious “Rubber Rooms," Ms. Charrington was hired as an Administrative Trial Attorney by the New York City Department of Education in an effort to expedite the administrative process against teachers who were disciplined for misconduct and placed in the "Rubber Rooms". Ms. Charrington, along with the other attorneys handling these cases, was ultimately successful in resolving all of the outstanding disciplinary cases within the specified deadlines, either by settlements or trials. Ms. Charrington's skills were further sharpened by her work with the Department of Education.

In 2021, Ms. Charrington was appointed to act as an Impartial Hearing Officer/ Administrative Law Judge for the New York State Education Department. In this capacity, Ms. Charrington sits as a judge for Administrative cases, where she presides over such cases and makes rulings and issues orders.

Attorneys with vast amounts of trial and litigation experience always have a leg up on the competition because they can see a case from the end, backwards. Having knowledge of how a case will play out at trial is essential to how the case is handled from the very inception of the case. Over the years, Ms. Charrington has been involved in litigating cases from every perspective, as a prosecutor- to defense attorney - to adjudicating cases as a judge.

Ms. Charrington is an acclaimed seasoned attorney, who in 2012 was named one of the Top 40 Trial Attorneys under 40 by the National Trial Lawyers’ Association. Her legal expertise and zealous representation has also afforded her the opportunity to appear as a contributing legal analyst on National television. Ms. Charrington has appeared on CNN, HLN, Court TV, Radio Networks, Fox News and Fox Business to discuss and analyze current legal topics.

Not only is Ms. Charrington an accomplished and recognized attorney; She is also an advocate for young people. She volunteers her time to assist in Mock trial competitions for high school and college students. She has been the Mock Trial Coach for the Hewlett High School Mock trial team since 2009 for the Nassau County Bar Association Mock Trial Competitions. During competitions, her team has advanced to higher levels and she has been awarded for her efforts. Ms. Charrington also judges mock trial competitions for the Yale Mock Trial Association at Yale University in New Haven Connecticut. She is a motivational speaker and mentors young students who wish to pursue a career in Law.

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