Non-Profit Organizations

Religious institutions in New York are generally formed as non-profit religious corporations.  Religious institutions are typically Churches organized as a corporate body.

The Charrington Firm represents parties in legal actions regarding the control and/or management of religious institutions. Such disputes are usually governed by the New York Religious Corporation Law, the Religious Corporation’s Bylaws, common law and other statutory laws.  

Our Firm has been retained to handle a wide array of disputes regarding churches in the New York Area.  There are disputes that arise relating to the management of a religious institution, control of the religious institution or the rights and liabilities of Pastors, Deacons, Bishops and/ or the Board of Trustees of the religious institution.

The Charrington Firm welcomes all inquiries from congregants, officers, as well as clergy such as Pastors, Ministers, Rabbis and Cantors, relating to their legal rights in this highly specialized area of the law.